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Basic Trademark Search $249
Corporation Filings
Premium Corporation / LLC $299
plus state fee
Copyright Filings
Copyright Application  $149
plus federal app. fee-  $45

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How to file a ‘Trademark’ online
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US Trademark Application

Unlike many online filing companies, if you choose the "attorney signed" trademark application, you are retaining competent trademark counsel to file your trademark, as set forth in our terms and conditions.  The attoney does not search the trademark records or perform any legal advice unless you choose to order a search.  We manage the paralegal aspects of your file while placing your file in the hands of our affiliated attorney who files your federal trademark application. 

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Note that a search is not performed prior to filing. You must perform your own due diligence and ensure that you believe that you are the first user of the trademark for your particular goods and/or services and that you do not infringe someone else's rights.

Basic Trademark Search

Our basic trademark search scans state and federal trademark filings to provide you with a list of possible "problems" that you might encounter if you try to register your selected mark or use it as your brand.  We do not provide an opinion with our basic search, but you can use it as an excellent screening tool to help determine if your mark is "clear" for you to use, register and protect.

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