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  Basic Trademark Search from $249

A basic trademark search begins with the most popular search engines, but we have access to larger databases that the typical computer user.  We use a search that provides uses of names for fictitious names across the country.  We also do a domain name check.  The basic search is without an "opinion" from an attorney, but is sufficient to give you a head-start in the analysis of your potential business or product name.

Searches for Conflicting Marks
            There are two issues pertinent to a search. First, can you use a mark without infringing a prior user? This question can be analyzed by a private trademark attorney, and is not part of the PTO’s analysis. 
            Second, if there is no infringement risk, the mark must be analyzed to determine whether it can be registered and protected. This is also determined on a preliminary basis by a private attorney. But, the PTO also makes a determination as to registrability once the trademark application is submitted. 
            An applicant is not required to conduct a search for conflicting marks prior to applying with the PTO. However, some people find it useful. In evaluating an application, an examining attorney conducts a search and notifies the applicant if a conflicting mark is found. The application fee, which covers processing and search costs, will not be refunded even if a conflict is found and the mark cannot be registered.
            To determine whether there is a conflict between two marks, the PTO determines whether there would be likelihood of confusion, that is, whether relevant consumers would be likely to associate the goods or services of one party with those of the other party as a result of the use of the marks at issue by both parties. The principal factors to be considered in reaching this decision are the similarity of the marks and the commercial relationship between the goods and services identified by the marks. To find a conflict, the marks need not be identical, and the goods and services do not have to be the same.
            The PTO does not conduct searches for the public to determine if a conflicting mark is registered, or is the subject of a pending application, except as noted above when acting on an application.
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